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7/10 Day!

For decades, cannabis lovers have used April 20 (4/20) as the nationally recognized and celebrated weed holiday. Along with some of the more celebrated holidays within everyday society, 4/20 actually makes a strong case as one of the most nationally recognized holidays, with growing popularity year over year. Whether a smoker or not, you’ve heard of and know exactly what 4/20 is all about. But what about 7/10? Let’s take a look at one of the coolest trends within the community and find out what the holiday in cannabis is all about.

Many cannabis consumers have relied on flower for decades as their primary way for consumption. Over recent years however, the ingenuity and advancements in technological equipment have birthed the latest craze among cannabis lovers, the creation of extracts, also known as cannabis concentrates. These concentrates are extracted through processes that vary depending on the extractor’s preferences on solvents, temperatures, and equipment.

Some concentrates require solvents like CO2 or butane for extraction, others go all natural with methods like soaking plant leaves in ice and water or just using heat and pressure, Yum. In most cases, once the process is complete the extract results in an oily or waxy substance that’s usually a yellowish hue, thus giving us the holiday 7/10 or OIL flipped around (710).

Extracts have risen to prominence over the last few years because of their ease of use, elimination of any odor, and can be more cost effective depending on budget and finding the biggest bang for your buck. With new innovations in devices such as vape pens, edible infusions, and electronic dab rigs, consuming through extracts has become easier than ever to get your smoke in pretty much anywhere you are. Concentrates, as the name states, are  much more concentrated forms of THC which makes for a much more potent product and a high like you’ve never experienced. 

In most recent years, 7/10, sales have followed the trend, where total concentrate sales were up 67.4% compared to the previous year. Live rosin specifically was up 213% in comparison to the previous four Saturdays prior to the holiday. As you can see, there is a clear upward trend and perception when it comes to extracts. 7/10 is responsible for the third biggest sales day of the year in the cannabis industry, only behind 4/20 and cyber week during the holidays. With concentrates currently taking up 1/10 of the cannabis market and have shown an annual compound growth rate of 18.6%, there does not seem to be any signs of extract use slowing down anytime soon.

We hope you have an excellent 7/10! And continue to celebrate beyond!

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● A solventless extract
● Requires heat and pressure for extraction
● Contains fewer impurities than most other solventless concentrates

From badder to diamonds, rosin to hash, wax to shatter, the choices seem to be endless. Extracts are one of the cleanest and most potent hits you’re going to come across, and each one provides a unique experience of its own. Comprised of a significantly higher THC quantity, extracts are the quickest and easiest way to elevate your day and bring you closer to the clouds. We’re here to help break down the various extracts available for you and tell you a little more about how they came to be the power punch of the cannabis community.

The Appeal

Being one of the most pure extracts that you will come across on the market, rosin is quickly on the rise in the cannabis community. A solventless concentrate that is extracted through a method requiring both heat and pressure, provides arguably the cleanest and most enjoyable high you’ll experience.

Concentrate Construct

Rosin has become one of the most popular concentrates within the cannabis community due to the elimination of chemical solvents that could remove critical
compounds from the cannabis plant. Being a solventless concentrate, rosin is extracted using heat and pressure, this means no CO2, no ethanol, no butane, no isopropyl alcohol, etc. In this case, solventless legitimately means solventless. For many cannabis connoisseurs, solventless extracts provide the most natural tasting
concentrate and cleanest experience due to it being a full spectrum extract. When it comes to extracts, rosin is an artful craft cannabis concentrate. Check out our store and taste this top shelf concentrate today.

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  • Uses butane solvent
  • Heat and pressure required for extraction
  • Diamonds are the crystalline structures that develop in sauce

The extract family stretches far and wide, providing you a complete array of options to choose from among your favorite concentrates. Ranging from potency strength, extraction process, all the way to different flavors, It can take some experimenting to find your go to. Let’s go through a quick run down of one of our personal favorites, the diamond extract.

The Appeal

Diamonds are one of, if not the most, potent and satisfying extracts in the concentrate family. Known for their strength, diamonds contain up to 97-99% THCa, while the remaining leftover material is terpenes and other cannabinoids. Diamonds are produced with freshly-harvested flash-frozen cannabis in order to help preserve the integrity of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and trichomes involved. Having a chemical makeup of this stature is what helps diamonds take smokers to another level and create the ultimate smoking experience for concentrate lovers.

Concentrate Construct

In order to obtain the potency in diamonds, the extraction process for diamonds requires a butane solvent with the use of pressure. Butane in this case is used safely in a certified facility and by professionals. These professionals use butane within a controlled environment and eventually separate the butane and the concentrate extract in a purging process. At the end of the process, you are left with a diamond and liquid terpene sauce that is used to begin the diamond formation process. With some time to sit in a climate controlled pressurized setting, cannabinoids will begin to crystalize and
separate from the terpene sauce. This leaves behind THCa crystals that will then undergo one final purging process to ensure minimal amounts of the solvent are left in the diamonds. Afterward, it is then tested by 3rd party labs to verify there is no residual butane solvent left over. Needless to say, the intensity of butane results with the intensity that diamonds are formed. Diamonds, pure THC ready for your use.

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