Cannabis and Creativity

Cannabis is known for the incredibly relaxing, mellow and euphoric feeling that it can provide to consumers. This is the most common perception among cannabis and one of the most enticing benefits from it. Ironically, this is also one of the main reasons it has been given such a negative stereotype for decades from outsiders. There’s absolutely no shame in coming home after a long day and wanting to enjoy a nice joint or rip one of the best cannabis concentrates in a dab to help unwind and reach a more peaceful state of mind, you worked hard and you earned it. The problem however starts when people are uneducated about cannabis and start to abuse this incredible plant and what it offers, which builds on the lazy stigma or that it takes away all ambition and drive.

As always, we’re here to educate cannabis consumers, and those beginning with cannabis concentrates, on how to optimize your cannabis usage in hopes to eliminate the negative habits, traits, and perceptions that come along with cannabis use. It is a common claim that many cannabis enthusiasts tend to rely on cannabis for an extra spark of inspiration or creativity in their life. Whether for work or just personal enjoyment, let’s take a look to see if there is any true connection between cannabis and creativity.

Creativity is a trait that is so diverse and unique based on every different human being. Our brains are what allows us to drum up all of our thoughts, ideas, and desires into a physical reality, each being vastly different from the next one. In Maslow’s infamous Hierarchy of Needs, the one need that sits atop the pyramid for us human beings is our ability and desire to create and to be creative. It is one of the driving aspects of our lives that give people a sense of purpose and meaning. 

Throughout history, most artists, painters, and poets have been born with the gift of having a wide imagination and an ability to strum up creative thoughts and concepts they can just pull from throughout life. Others on the other hand tend to get their creativity through unique experiences that can most often end up creating a shift in the way they think and view things. Enter Cannabis. 

You may not think that often about the concept of thought and how the brain works, so you may be a little surprised to learn that not all thinking works or is processed the same in everyone. As a matter of fact, there has been research done that identifies the two different primary methods of which thought abide: convergent thinking and divergent thinking. Each unique in its own way, convergent being logic, numbers and fact based, whereas divergent is more about imagination and creativity. 

Convergent thinking in more detail is a method of thinking that is utilized when processing and dealing with numerical data and clear cut information that requires the use of logic or common sense. This style of thinking helps individuals in their ability to solve problems logically with calculations or previously used methods and processes that help get to a single desired correct outcome. 

On the opposite end of the thought spectrum is divergent thinking. Divergent thinking focuses on and revolves around our imaginations. When it comes to divergent thinking, there is no right or wrong answer. This is the focal point, or host if you will, in our brains that is responsible for all thoughts that are creative and inspiring and spark new ideas. It is essentially what brings out the uniqueness in each of us as individuals. Cannabis can assist in helping break out of that logical or “vertical” thinking mindset and start to lean more into divergent thinking, a way of open minded and abstract thoughts. Ultimately provoking the sense and need to create.

Don’t just take our word for it though, there’s actually scientific studies that can back this claim of cannabis having a positive effect on our creative thinking. A study by Consciousness and Cognition that was published back in 2011 focused on the link between cannabis and creativity which ultimately showed that cannabis can produce psychomimetic symptoms. Another way of putting it is that the cannabis plant can help our brains connect unrelated concepts in a way that would not be possible if strictly thinking logically or traditionally. Thus, cannabis can very well potentially then bring out the creativity in people who lack the ability to think abstractly on their own. The same goes for inspiration and those who lack it.  

Now although there have been studies done, there has not been enough done to definitively say that cannabis can boost one’s creativity. Again, cannabis does impact everyone completely differently. We should also mention that in the above mentioned study, participants were using acute amounts of marajuanna and not getting completely stoned. It actually proved to be counter effective when over consuming. So keep in mind for the next time you’re feeling a lack of motivation or inspiration, try taking a small hit from your bowl or even two to three rips off a joint and get out there to see what journey your mind and body can take you on. What’s important is that you enjoy responsibly and follow the necessary steps to ensure a quality cannabis experience. 

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