4 Ways To Enjoy Cannabis Concentrates For Beginners

Cannabis concentrates are the result of putting cannabis flower through an extraction process that takes elements from the plant such as terpenes and cannabinoids and leaves behind the rest of the plant matter that doesn’t serve much of a purpose. Leaving you with nothing but the best ingredients from the plant in a highly concentrated form, this is what helps take you to the moon. 

Concentrates can be found in a wide variety of forms, such as oils, budders, diamonds, shatters, waxes, rosin, hash, kief, the list goes on. Each form is its own creative approach to cannabis concentrates and people tend to love them for many different reasons. One major reason being they are available in such a wide variety of consistencies and flavors, giving you options to choose from and explore to figure out what your favorite may be.

Thanks to there being such a wide array of choices to choose from, you’ll be able to find which is your favorite and the best cannabis concentrates. Before we move on any further, we should also help align on some terminology (the most common) used to refer to the majority of concentrates is a ‘dab’ (singular) or ‘dabs’ (plural), and the act of consuming dabs (verb) is called dabbing. Now that we’ve got you up to speed on some helpful cannabis lingo we can move along. 

Many of the extracts are very similar in their look and color, but the feel and texture varies based on the extraction method that was used. Some extracts for example require heat, some ice, others use pressure, and some use solvents. There is no one way or one size fits all method when it comes to cannabis flower extraction. The method that is used is entirely up to the extractors discretion and each has their own reasons and potential benefits for choosing their respective method. 

Now that we have a basic understanding of what dabs are, what about the different types? Or better yet, how do you consume some of the best cannabis extracts in California? We’re glad you asked, and now we’re going to tell you exactly how.

1. Dabbing 

One of our favorite ways to consume concentrates is through dabbing. Essentially, all standard BHO and CO2 concentrates, as well as extracts like live rosin and live resin can be consumed through the process of dabbing. You should also note that In order to start dabbing, you’re going to need a few pieces of equipment. A dab rig, quartz nail or banger, flame, dab tool, carb cap, and one gram of the best cannabis concentrates is what you’ll need to get started. With your dab tool, scoop out a tiny amount of the concentrate, place it to the bottom of the banger, and begin to heat the banger with the torch until the extract turns to vapor. Once you’ve heated it up long enough, let it cool for 30 seconds, cover it with the carb cap and inhale until the rig is cleared.  Finally, just kick back, relax and let the good vibes roll.

2. Vaping 

Consuming concentrates through vaping (i.e. vaporizers) are one of the most convenient and subtle ways to get your smoke in. Vaping is such a convenient method due to 1. The lack of smell it gives off and 2. The ability to consume through small portable devices that can be used anywhere at any time. Vape pens are one of the most popular ways not just to consume extracts and they continue to gain popularity by the day. Vapes function through a series of hand held battery powered mechanical instruments that heat up the quality cannabis extract using a coil system. Make sure when selecting your vape, that the hardware and coil system is fine tuned for the consistency of the extract oil. Vapes come in all shapes and sizes on the outside and inside, from disposable, to refillable, to recyclable. Stop at your local dispensary today to pick up a vape pen and extract cartridge and give it a try for yourself.

3. Smoking 

Another way for you to enjoy your dabs is to include them into your preferred flower smoking method. This works best with the less gooey type concentrates, such as rosin, crumble, or wax. Getting your cannabis consumption in through this style is truly one of the best ways to use the best cannabis concentrates due to there being no setup or equipment required. When you choose to include concentrates in your flower, whether in your bowl, pipe, blunt, or sprinkled on top of your joint, the flower will contain a seal that tends to burn more evenly, last longer, and feel much more intense. Try adding concentrates to your next smoke sesh no matter what your preferred method is and see just how high it can take you. If you really want to wow your buddies, or yourself, take it up a notch and dip your pre-rolls in some heated cannabis oils and then roll them in kief, creating a flavorful high like you’ve never experienced before. 

4. Edibles  

A great way to utilize excess concentrates is by infusing them into edibles. The best and most commonly used concentrate extraction method when creating edibles is distillate for consistency, though the new age form of edible infusion is with rosin. Distillate is the result of a concentrate going through a specific extraction process which then creates an extremely potent form of extracts because it is purely THC and CBD oil and leaves out any other materials from the plant, such as terpenes. Due to distillate being such a highly concentrated form of THC, it makes for a significantly higher than normal THC percentage. Rosin is more of a full spectrum extract that contains more natural cannabis terpenes as well as a plethora of cannabinoids, but still strong in THC.

Even though the potency may be off the charts when infusing your edibles with concentrates, one great thing about them is you don’t get a funky cannabis taste when you’re eating them (That’s thanks to the extraction process that it went through).  Edibles are as popular as ever because they are discrete, simple to make, and have effects that can last for up to 8 hours. Which we want to provide the heads up to always start small with a nibble and then build your way up every 20 or so mins. Molecularly, the Delta-9 THC is being turned into a different molecule within your digestion system that could in fact launch you to the moon. Next time you have some extra cannabis concentrates sitting around looking for good use, try preparing one of your favorite recipes, preferably a dessert like cookies or brownies, and add your ideal portion of extract to the mixture before cooking to create some of the strongest and tastiest edibles. Or, pick up some pre-made quality edibles from your local shop! Enjoy responsibly! 

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