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Now Available in CA!

Get Hooga in Your Hometown

Only the best. Meticulously curated. 

Just for you ♥︎

Presenting cannabis concentrates made from the freshest ingredients, finest THC, and the most careful process.

Just The Good stuff

Ice-Water Hash extracted via water and agitation

Never dried, never heated, never chemically treated.

Live means fresh, intact, flavor-retained pure trichome.

Just a little heat

Rosin extracted via controlled heat and pressure

Control pressed without solvents for extracting pure golden sap for potency and flavor.

Just a little dollop

Budder extracted via controlled heat and agitation

Whipped to become the perfect frosting or topping. Good to the last drop.

Our Story

Simple indulgences. Little pleasures. Small comforts.

We believe that life is all about the little things.

It’s the little things that get us through the day. That make us smile. That make us pause.

And so, it’s the little things that we focus on. Our selection. Our process. Our responsibility to our customers. 

We started Hooga to provide a solution to the stressors and grinds of daily life. We hope our little creations whisk you away to your happy place and help you pay attention to the little things that matter most.

Enjoy the little things more we say.

We are thrilled to announce that Hooga was recognized by LeafLink as a Leader in Social Responsibility.

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